Sweetie Projects

1 Here we have chosen to make a blue  and white candy cane, but you could use any colour you would like


2 Start to roll you white into a long piece so it will be able to wrap around the whole cane. Also don’t make it too thick


3 Start at one end of the cane and twisting the white around, like shown


4 Yours should look something like this. A you can see the white bits are sticking out quite a bit so….

5 Gently roll it on the table, and the white will flatten more and it will make sure it will stick together.

Just simply bend over the top and there we have a candy cane, looks almost good enough to eat!!


1 Make a small sweet size shape like the one shown.

2 Get a small red piece and simply put it in the middle.

Or you could….

1 Get some paint and a brush.

2 Paint small circles in the middle and you will end up with some tasty looking air dough sweets!! You could experiment with all sorts of colours.  

You could even go and buy some pic N mix, and have a go at making some more…

 Here are just a few examples!