Inspirational Air Dough Figures

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Look at these amazing figures made by one of our customers.

Air Dough Figures
Air Dough FiguresAir Dough Figures

Air Dough FiguresAir Dough Figures

Want to order some of this fab Air Dough?

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Click here to buy Air Dough, see tub sizes and colours and make your order!

Air Dough Baymax (from Big Hero 6)

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One of our happy customers has sent in this photo of her Baymax made from air dough. She said “your airdough was highly useful and easy to use.”

Thank you Sophie – check out her other creations here:

Air Dough at The Intitute of making

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The Institute of Making celebrated their first birthday on 15th March 2014 and air dough was used in one of their activities to create a banqueting table:




For more images of the birthday open day see their flickr page here.

The institute have used air dough in their workshops many times and are looking forward to doing so again at their next event: a 5-day¬†‘Festival of Stuff’ starting on Tuesday the 17th and finishing on Saturday 21st of June. See their website for details:

Post costs adjusted again!

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Hello customers,
I have just updated the postage costs in line with recent post office changes.
Please note that if you would like 1st class delivery, have a large order that you would like sent by courier or if you require postage outside the UK or Ireland please contact me before ordering.
Happy modelling.

Postage Costs adjusted

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Hello Modellers!

Royal Mail have changed their pricing structure and postage costs for Air Dough have changed accordingly.

Some prices have gone up and some have gone down. If you have any questions or issues relating to postage costs please contact me.

Happy Modelling!

New stock just in :0)

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We now have stock of all colours and sizes of air dough again. Sorry for any inconvenience caused with some items going out of stock last week.

Air Dough for Sale

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This site is purpose built to sell Air Dough. It is run by Tamsin and Steve Carter whose three children were given a tub of Air Dough some time ago …

“we were so impressed with Air Dough and excited to find something so fun, clean, simple and versatile.”

Air Dough is different to other types of clay or dough – it is very light and easy to manipulate, it leaves no mess on hands or surfaces, it is easy for children to use and play with – and best of all, when you have finished you can leave it to dry and it will keep its shape and become a toy or ornament to be kept – this dried version can be drawn on, painted on and varnished.

“We were so impressed and excited by Air Dough that when we discovered how difficult it was to get hold of and how few craft shops sold it we decided to buy some stock and sell it ourselves.”

Recent price rise

We are a small, family business and our margins are small. The manufacturer put the prices up at the beginning of the year, plus VAT has gone up too. I have HAD to put the prices up a little but have absorbed some of the prices rises myself. Selling Air Dough is a bit of a labour of love! And I hope you buy some and LOVE it as much as we do!

Thanks for looking, follow this link to buy now: buy air dough


Air Dough Now On Sale

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Air Dough is now available online from and priced to sell.

There is no point in it sitting in our warehouse when it could be better used on kitchen, dining room and any other kind of craft table around the country.

Suitable for Children and Adults alike AirDough Modeling Clay is revolutionary in its capabilities. Roll it out thin and make delicate costume patterns or mould it up big for fantastic easy to create shapes and characters.

The possibilities are endless and need to be explored. That’s why we hope you will submit your projects to us so we can showcase them in our up coming Air Dough Projects 2010 Competition (details to be announced in February).

So in the meantime we look forward to your orders and please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or advice.

Tamsin x

Air Dough for sale … nearly!

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We are nearly ready to sell Air Dough online – I know you are all waiting desperately!

Air Dough Products for sale

Air Dough Products for sale

In the mean time if you would like to contact me directly I can arrange for you to get the Air Dough you need!

Email me at