Air Dough Magic

Bouncy balls

You can make bouncy balls with Air Dough. This must be the simplest thing you can make but there are many ways to build on this simple idea and be really creative with it.

Here are some ideas to get you started:
* Try making different sized balls out of Air Dough and see how they bounce.
* Make a ball out of white Air Dough and when it is dry draw designs on it with pens or paint.
* Add glitter to your Air Dough and mix well before forming into a glitter bouncy ball.
* Blend different colours of Air Dough to make a marbled effect.
* Blend some glittery Air Dough with some plain to make another marbled affect.

Make some bouncy balls and send us a photo – if you have a really good idea we will post it up here to inspire others.

You can easily adapt these ideas into fun christmas decorations by pushing a paperclip into a glittery ball all ready to hand on the Christmas tree or give to friends.

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