Air Dough Magic is about fun and creativity through sculpture with air dough – a light weight, non toxic, non messy and highly malleable modeling clay.

The site is owned and run by Tamsin and Steve Carter who are parents to three wonderful young children, six rabbits, 7 chicks, 3 cats and we found a new home for the Guinea Pigs…

How the story began . . .
A year ago our daughter was given a tub of Air Dough for her birthday, we were fascinated by this new light weight dough that was so easy to mould and shape and watched as our children (aged 4 and 6) made all sorts of things. We also enjoyed the opportunity to let our children and their friends play, mess-free and safely with something so fun and creative – these kind of products make parenting easier!

Sometime later we began investigating and discovered just how unique Air Dough was. There is one similar product that is of a lesser quality made by Crayola and it costs almost twice as much. When we tried to buy Air Dough online we found it hard to get hold of and there the idea was born to supply Air Dough ourselves and help get this fantastic product out there so it could be enjoyed by everyone.

As we have continued to play with Air Dough we have found a new way of using it almost every time – that is why we have created this site, “Air Dough Magic” is literally a site dedicated to the magic of Air Dough and its many applications. We hope to gradually fill the site with all the fantastic ideas and creations of ours and our friends and customers.

If you would like to send in an idea to be shared or a photograph of a finished product we would be delighted to post it for others to see and be inspired. Simply contact us to send in or discuss your ideas – thank you.

Where we are now
We are currently working on this site, continuing to log our ideas and creations and gradually including them for all to see. We are also in the final stages of preparing to launch our online shop where you will be able to buy Air Dough to your hearts content! If you would like us to notify you when this service is available then please email us and we will let you know as soon as the shop goes online.

What next? – our hopes dreams and goals
Once the shop is live we hope to start work on a book about Air Dough with step by step projects introducing people of all ages and abilities to the myriad things you can do – from simple bouncy balls to complex games and models.

Because Air Dough works so well with other materials and can be taken to a whole new level by adding simple things like paperclips and glitter for example, we are interested in creating kits that will include some really useful extras to put further creativity and exploration at your fingertips.

We will continue to experiment with Air Dough and improve and elaborate on the information provided on this site.

In case you hadn’t realised WE LOVE AIR DOUGH and want to make it available to everyone. We also love creativity and believe that being creative puts us in a state when we can sing from the inside out through our hands. Our goal is to share this creativity by providing great products and inspiring ideas and projects to help imaginations and creative juices flow for children and adults alike.

If you are interested in talking to us about anything you have read here, have any problems or questions please do not hesitate to contact Tamsin on 01837 811277.